8 Simple Self-Care Tips for Busy Women

Despite the busy schedule you have, it is important to take some time for yourself. You desrve it! Here are 8 simple tips for self care to help you prioritise your well being.

“Don’t sacrifice yourself too much, because if you sacrifice too much, there’s nothing else you can give and nobody cares for you”

Karl Lagerfeld

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daily self-care

1. Drink enough water in your day to better hydrate your body

Your self-care journey starts with your health! As you know water is vital for your health. It’s recommended to drink about 90 ounces for a women, about 2 700 ml, water or other fluids drinks. It’s a recommendation for a normal situation, but you may need more if you regularly do exercise or work outside.

2. Never forget your healthy breakfast

It’s not a new information! Breakfast is very important for your health! Many scientific studies show that breakfast may just be the most important meal of the day. Do it in your own way 😉 take time to prepare your own juice or your herbal tea, organic porridge and delicious fruits!

This is how you can start you day with simple self-care habits easy to establish.  
  Healthy Breakfast

3. Cook new dishes

Take time to rediscover cooking and bring out the best in you 😉 you can get some free receips from Kindle, share your delicious healthy dishes with your lover or family, it would be a great surprise for them. Or simply choose to meal prep today, one or two prep meals that you really love, and make sure to have enough, it pays off for the next few days !!

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4. Take time for you and take care of your body

Have a warm bath, use some bath oils wich smell heavenly, like floral fruity, lavender or rose, use organic lotion on your body. Also take care of your skin: do a scrub, a face mask and moisturize your face. Don’t forget to do your hair and your nails please! Oh my God! What a good feeling after that!!Self-Care

5. Read books

Not only your body needs care, your mental health is also important! 

Reading needs to be an everyday part of our lives. For myself, I read a lot, almost every night in my bed; I particularly prefer personal development topics to help me improve my mindset and skills.  

You can start by setup small goals: like read one book a month, it seems to be easy, not? Select topics that make you take pleasure reading and then establish the habit. Here are some of my favorite books : You Badass, Dad Rich Dad Poor,.. another good way to read is to choose audio books. You know, now a major part of paper books are available in audio version.

Audible is one of the most famous way to get access to a tone of audio books in different languages. Get your free audio book !

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6. Gratitude and daily journaling

It’s the best cure for your mental health. Practice self love and write a list of what you are grateful for: all these small moments in your day that bring you joy and happiness, the people who loves you, your dog or simply the sun and the moon!  It actually takes only few minutes, I prefer do it in the morning, but you can do it whenever you want in your day.

7. Daily workouts with simple exercices

Taking care of your body is also by making time to exercise, start it out easy, even 30 minutes a day, but be sure to stay committed to yourself. You can try the “Yin Yoga” especially if you experiment stress and anxiety in your life. Yin Yoga can offer a holistic approach to combating the all-too-common ills of stress and anxiety. You can discover some exercise in this Youtube video of “Yoga with Kassandra”

Do you know that working out helps you to reduce cortisol produced by your brain, which increase your risk of heart attack? So keep motivation and stay safe. Yoga for Self-Care

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8. Make a digital detox

We are majority here to be addicted to our phones and social media!! This is regularly source of frustration especially  when we compare our lives to influencers sharing beautiful bodies, beautiful outfits and luxurious trips around the word. Take time off! Start with a small target, switch off your laptop and phone for 24 hours. Enjoy your time with family and friends and schedule to repeat the digital detox every month or maybe for a longer period. Self-Care Digital Detox


Do your best and always remember: PUT YOURSELF FIRST!

Share with me your tips and habits for a perfect day 😉 

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