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My Pinterest strategy To Drive More Traffic to my Blog

If you are following me on Twitter, you should know that I’m obsessed with Pinterest and some of you were asking for my Pinterest strategy and how to get more clicks on their pins! Here I’m explaining in depth all tips and ticks I use to skyrocket my Pinterest in less than 3 months and reach 12K monthly sessions on my blog after just 2 months. 

If you are not using this amazing platform yet, believe me you are missing a big source of blog traffic, it’s time to focus on it and see how your blog will grow within few weeks. 

Disclaimer : this post includes affiliate links 

Get started with Pinterest

1. Create a business account

(or switch to this if you already have an account for your blog)

This is the Number 1 to do if you want to use your Pinterest for your blog traffic, a business account is free to sign up and it provides much more functionalities than a standard personal account. 

File out all the information related to your blog name, activity and write a short description of what you provide.

Get more information from the official website of Pinterest.  

2. Create relevant boards

Start now by creating board and pins, if you already have a blog you can go deeper and create relevant boards into your specific niche. Create a special board for all your blog posts to help people find all your content in the same board. 

For instance, if you are blogging about Food then you can create boards for Easy dinner recipes, Healthy Breakfasts, easy snacks, Keto recipes,… 

I suggest you also to go ahead and create more boards related to trending topics that will bring a lot of visitors to you profile, like Fashion, workout, Home decoration, or other popular topics you are interested in. Even if you are not blogging about those topics, you can start by pinning others content. 

That’s actually what I did, I created my Pinterest at the beginning of March but not yet thinking about blogging, so I started by creating 5 boards:  Wedding dresses, Fashion, Home decor, workout and self-care tips. I’ve been really consistent posting every day to each of those board, and guess what, my stats was hitting immediately and been able to reach 130K unique visitors in only 30 days, this is HUGE! 

These amazing results was for sure the leitmotiv that pushed me to stay motivated and want to grow more and more everyday. 

3. Create board covers

Do you want your profile to look professional and catch more eyes to your boards? Then you need to create harmonious board covers especially for your 5 boards in your profile page. It shows Pinterest visitors that you have a well defined brand kit with colors and fonts that are similar between your pin designs and your board covers. 

It’s very easy to create covers using Canva and make sure that you respect the size recommended of 600 x 600 px (a square) 


Are you wondering why is SEO important for Pinterest ? Because this platform works like a search engine (like Google) usually people come to Pinterest to find inspiration or answer a question they have in mind: Healthy dinner recipe, how to be more productive? Or trendy haircut style 

So If those keywords are present in your profile, pin title or description, Pinterest will suggest your pins as a solution to their requests. 

1. Where to find relevant keywords?

In Pinterest, Keywords are shown in the search bar while you’re typing your request (like google) and in the top of the page to help you go deeper with specific keywords to complete your request. See example in the image below, when I tape Morning Routine in the search bar, Pinterest suggest some other keywords below: Productive, Teenage girl, Healthy,…

2. Where to put your keywords?

  • In your profile description : put your relevant keyword in your description to help people find you if they look for those keywords in your niche. 
  • In your pin title and description : this is the most important, that’s why we use Keywords and spend time to choose theme before to post our pins. Put a long tile keyword in your pin title and description, you can add up to 500 words so take advantage of this to add your story and push people to click on your pin to go read your blog post. It works in the same way as when you work on SEO for your blog posts. 

Pinning strategy

I think this part is the most important, as I always said; having a pinning strategy is very important, don’t everything and every how, follow the recommendations given by Pinterest in their Business page. 

  • Use vertical images sized at 2:3 ratio. Example : 1000 x 1500 px or 600 x 900 px
  • Use catchy images related to your message, you can find tons of free high quality images in or, or directly in Canva (I personally use the paid version because it gives me access to much more functionalities and new images I need for my business) but the free version is also amazing. 
  • Use 2 or 3 fonts maxi to keep it easy to read 
  • Use 2/3 colors maxi, use your brand colors : you can create your brand kit directly in Canva with all your brand colors and fonts. 
  • Use Templates : to save time and go faster, I prefer use templates this is game changer, believe me I’m now able to create 100 pins in one hour. Look at all the designs and titles that worked well for you and create more pins using the same template. 

I created 15 Pinterest Templates from pins that exploded in traffic for me, Get your copy here! 

  • Be consistent, post daily from 20 to 30 fresh pins, create multiple pins for every blog post and create fresh pins for your old ones 

Here’re some of my pins performance with a high level of clicks! 

  • Create click worthy titles : pay attention to your pin title and how to push people to click on your pin and then be curious to read your blog post. There are tons of new pins going into Pinterest everyday, and in our feed everyone have a selected pins related to our interest and previsions research that Pinterest wants us to check. 

The most important for you as blogger is to drive people from Pinterest to your blog, right? So, what makes people click on your pin? The solution you promise them in your pin title telling Thant your blog post can solve the problems or requests they are looking for in Pinterest! It’s simple! 

Try to use these kind of titles: 

Use X ways to solve Y problem >> 6 simple ways to create a productive morning routine 

How to solve Y problem in …>> How to create your relaxing evening routine in 5 simple activities 

Use Pinterest story


Unfortunately story pins are not available for me yet! But if you have this functionality use it because it’s new and Pinterest will reward you if you use it by showing your story to more and more people (more impressions) check out the official page of Pinterest Business to get more information about it!  

Check the trending topics


My last tip for you in my pinning strategy is to pay attention to what’s currently trending in Pinterest but from what I observed, this hack is not used wildly. 

Create a pin everyday around trending topics and believe me it can literally push your results very high.

Schedule your Pins

If you love organisation and planning every thing like me, you will absolutely need to schedule your pins in advance instead of posting your pins all a day long. Choose a day and batch all you pin creation, I do it on Sunday, I create all my pins of the week and schedule them directly to Pinterest. It’s takes time for sure, but you will be free all the week to do other more important tasks for business. 

Schedule your Pins using Tailwind

You can use Tailwind to schedule more efficiently your pins, they are official partner of Pinterest.

Start by scheduling your pins to your most relevant boards (YOURs first) then schedule it to other relevant group boards you have, the recommendation from Tailwind is to not re pin to over than 10 group boards and to wait at least 2 days between different boards. 

sign up here to get a FREE month trial


Schedule your pins from Pinterest 

Do you know that you can also schedule your pins directly in Pinterest? 

I usually combine scheduling from Tailwind and manual schedule from Pinterest I think both are working well for me!

Join group boards

Link your blog to Pinterest

  • Claim your blog link to add it directly to Pinterest. Here’s How. 
  • Use Pinterest Widget Builder to add Save Button ton your blog post and keep it easy to your visitors to pin any image in your post. Check how in the Pinterest Help Section.

Analyse your Stats

With the Business account, you have the possibility to get access to your stats and analytics, that’s how you can review all your activity and check what works well you from impressions, clicks or saves per pin. 

  • Impressions : is the number of times your pins were seen in the suggestions or home page of Pinterest users. 
  • Total Audience : the total number of people who have seen or engage with your pins. 
  • Engagements: is the total number of saves and pin clicks 
  • Engaged Audience: is like the total audience but with people who really engaged with your pins (saved and clicked on it)

My Results

After 3 months on Pinterest working hard everyday and testing different strategies and pin designs, the good results are here showing that the hard work pays off. I reached 1M impressions and 771K total audience and a very good engagement level from my audience and that’s what matters for me! Consistency is the KEY! 

To wrap up, here’re my 5 important tips to focus on : 

  • Sign up to a business account
  • Pin consistently, fresh pins – every day 
  • Pay attention to your SEO, your keywords should appear clearly in your pin title, pin description, board description and profile description 
  • Join group boards
  • Analyse your stats and capitalise on what works well for you 

Take a look to my 15 best performing Pinterest Templates Pre-Made for Canva 

Do you want to go further and make Pinterest possible for you too ? 

Check out this amazing complete ebook and get access to : 

  • 100 pages of Pinterest marketing tips
  • How to get more clicks to your blog
  • Learn money making using Pinterest
  • Get 10 pin templates with this guide
  • Learn how to schedule manually AND using Tailwind
  • Learn when is better to pin for best results

and much more HERE! 

Are you using the same strategy and tips? Share your experience and feedback in comments 😉 


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