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30 Best Tools and Resources every Beginner Blogger Needs for Success

Whether you are a new blogger who want to succeed or an established one want to level up your game, this blog post will help you find the best blogging resources and tool you need to grow your blog to the next level. 

In this blog post I put together all the tools and resources I use and found helpful for my blog, almost everything I suggest here was already tested and approved 😉 

First things first! If you want to make money from your blog, you should take it seriously and treat it like a real business. Here’re what you must be considering when it comes to blogging seriously : 

Disclaimer : this post includes affiliate links 

Start with platform

This is the must use platform to easily build your blog, you absolutely not need to be a geek or have technical skills to build your blog, WordPress will provide everything you need! 

Remember that the goal is to monetize our blog. WordPress has a free version but doesn’t allow you to make money from your blog (ads,..) and this version is very limited, you can’t add the necessary plugins you need to up you blog level. My recommendation goes directly to, this version allows you to create a professional blog, add as many plugins as you need, create a shop and much more options. You can get your version automatically once you get self-hosted. 

Get self-hosted to easily monetize your blog

There’re many good hosting providers you can start with, but I suggest you Bluehost! They have a beginner option with only 3$/month completely adapted to start and correctly run your blog. 

What I love most is their excellent customer service and their availability 24-7. Believe me, this really makes a difference. 

Get more information on Bluehost HERE

Other hosting providers : Lyrica host and SiteGround. 

With a self-hosted domain you can apply for Google Adsense and other ads service. 

Track you performance with Google Analytics

Google analytics is the only and most reliable stat tracker you need to instal. It’s a free tool to better monitor your site traffic stats and help you understand who are your readers and where they come from, which source of traffic is working well for your blog,.. and a lot of other helpful insights. You can sign up with your google account and just copy and past into your WordPress theme a code they will provide you. 

Instal the must-use WordPress plugins you need to correctly run your blog

The advantage of WordPress is that you don’t need technical skills, everything is manageable with Plugins, but having lots of plugins installed can negatively affect your blog’s performance. Here’re the must-use ones you need to instal first on your WordPress blog : 

MonsterInsight is the #1 Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress very easy to use to get all the KPIs you need to track. The best thing is that MonsterInsight can help you track automatically affiliate links and ads clicks. 

You know SEO is difficult to understand, but fortunately WordPress makes it so easy for us 😉 Yoast SEO will tell you what to focus on for every blog post, how to write the best Title and how to optimise your keywords for each engines. 

WP Rocket plugin will help you improve site speed which is an important point for SEO ranking and user experience. 

This is another must have if you want to optimise your images and up your SEO score, this plugin will help you gain space and also speed up your blog. 

 This plugin protect your blog and prevent from publishing malicious comments, it also track the spammers using your contact form. Every pro blogger must have this plugin 

Use the best graphic tools for your blog

Including visuals in your content: blog posts and social media is very important and most of readers love this! 

Here’s some suggestions for graphic design : 

This’s the N°1 tool you need to create beautiful images to add to your blog, customise them with your brand colors and fonts. Canva free version is awesome to start with but if you want more options and get access to more high quality images, they have a premium version. I personally chose the paid version because this’s the only tool I use for my blog and all my social media content creation. 

Get access to 15 Pinterest Templates fully customizable with Canva. 


If you don’t like Canva, Picmonkey is another tool you can use to create beautiful images.

Unsplash and Pixabay

Free photo stock provider, you can find high quality images for free to use for your blog and other social media platform you manage.

For more high quality and feminine images, that look more professional, you can subscribe to Stock Photo Society membership, honestly, I love X1000 the photos they have. More and more bloggers are subscribing to their membership program. 

Use the appropriate Tools to build your stronger email list

Building an email list is essential for your blog growth, many beginners underestimate the power of email subscribers. Some pro bloggers make thousands of dollars from this 😉 so I highly recommend to start creating your email list as earlier as possible by offering something valuable to your audience in exchange of their email address. Invite them to join your newsletter and provide weekly blogging tips emails, or something else helpful for your niche.

Here’re some tools you can use : 

Is the cheapest email provider you can start with, they have a free option to Strat with and you can upgrade to next level with just 9.99$ a month. Mailchimp allows to create mailing campaign but also opt-ins and anding pages. 

is an opt-in pop up builder, very simple to create and add to your blog, if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend money for your pop ups I highly suggest to start with Hello Bar, also they allow linking your list to Mail chimp and send them automatically your freebie. 

Is the most popular and powerful tool, that’s what I use for my email marketing strategy, it free until 1000 subscribers, then you pay 29$/month for more. You can automate all your funnel and schedule emails based on what category of people you want to target for your campaign. Convert kit provides also a whole dashboard to track campaigns performance. That’s what I recommend if you want to take seriously your email marketing strategy. 

An easy way to start building your email list is WP Form, a free WordPress plugin you can instal and create your forms to add directly to your posts! 

Tools to increase your productivity and time management

As blogger, you have to wear multiple hats to run all your daily tasks by yourself, fortunately their are good apps and tools to help you stay organized, focus on what matters most, be more productive and get more things done everyday. 

It’s a free tool to organise your projects and daily tasks, including personal things you have to do during your day. I personally use it to organise my ideas and plan different steps for my future projects. 

Like Trello, Asana is a project and time management tool, not easy to get started with, but once you understand how it works I’m sure you will love it! I use it daily to write everything related to my blog : blog posts ideas, Twitter posts, Instagram topics, affiliate marketing links to post,…

Asana is also adapted for teams, if you have a team or freelancers you work with, you can share your tasks and projects with them. All in one 😉 

Google Calendar

If you have a Google account, you can use Google Calendar for free on your Laptop and phone, I’m still using this in additional to Trello and Asana. What I love is the possibility to synchronise my calendar with my phone so I can check my daily tasks and meetings easily. 

Take notes anywhere, with your laptop or your phone at anytime! It’s free to sign up and very easy to use and share with others. 

For my to do list, my daily planner is my best friend 😉 I write every thing down, like this I know exactly what I have to do everyday and every hour. 

Up your Blogging game fast with ebooks and courses :

This Free course will teach you in depth how to make money with your blog, how to write amazing blog posts and how to design a smart blogging strategy

These FREE 5 days emails will learn you how to start with affiliate marketing and make your 1st sale

This Full bundle to go from Zero to Hero with affiliate marketing. 

This 50+ pages eBook is an introduction to the world of affiliate marketing for bloggers. you’ll find : 

  • Everything you should know about affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate practices  and mistakes that can cost you affiliate sales
  • Advice on how to find and pick the right affiliate programs for you
  • Tips on where to insert your affiliate links & drive traffic to them
  • The legal implications of affiliate marketing and so much more!

Grab your copy HERE

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If you want to start affiliate marketing by yourself without investing in any course, grab HERE a copy of 500 affiliate programs in 19 different niches to start making money now! 

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Sometimes if you want to faster grow your blog and start rally make a decent income quickly, you must invest to get access to the best strategies and step by step guides to follow and 100% get results fast. I suggest you this ebook of +100 pages covering multiple blogging areas from traffic growth, to SEO, including Pinterest resources and more to make sure you master all the what you need to grow your blog.

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  • 100+ pages of blog traffic tips and strategies
  • An easy to grasp SEO tutorial
  • A social media strategy breakdown
  • An in-depth Pinterest tutorial and resources
  • 2 Free Months With Tailwind ($30 worth)
  • 100 Places To Promote Your Blog Checklist
  • 100 Facebook Promo Groups For Bloggers List

All this for only 20$

This +170 pages of tips and strategies will teach you how to get tons of traffic everyday from Pinterest and grow your blog. Here’s all what you will get from this course : 

  • A 170+ pages ebook with detailed strategies on how to get started with Pinterest, craft an advanced pinning schedule and boost your blog traffic like a PRO
  • Access to 17 case studies from bloggers and biz owners who mastered Pinterest (+ their best kept secrets)
  • Free Video Training: How To Create Stunning Pinterest Graphics And Templates (For Free) In Canva
  • Free Video Training: How To Find, Report, Take Down & Prevent Stolen Pins on Pinterest
  • A Tailwind voucher for new users ($30 value)
  • An invitation to my exclusive Tailwind Tribe

Get your copy HERE at only 30$ using this code : TSA5OFF” 

Get access to 100 page guide on how to optimize your whole Pinterest profile, create viral pins, learn how to create a pinning strategy that works for your website and your goals, and most important of all, how to get people to click on your pins.

Pinterest Perfect was created by Mariam and available on Gumroad

Automatize your social media to save time

Most of pro bloggers are using Tailwind to schedule their Pinterest content including me! This tool is the best one to save time, I use it Once a week to schedule all my pins, my fresh pins and re pin others content (queue), it’s free to use but with limited options, if you want to get access to full version you have to pay but for me it completely worth it because it also helped me grow my Pinterest views and impressions using the tribes system. 

To schedule Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at the same time Buffer is the best tool! It cost 15$ per month to manage up to 8 social media accounts. 

Note : You can schedule your tweets directly using Twitter desktop, it’s free and works very well 😉 

Schedule your blog content and social media in one calendar, Coschedule is very popular and many big companies are recommending this tool. You can sign up and get 14 days free trial. Pais options start from 12$ a month.

This social media management app is also very popular, they have a good Free option to start managing 4 social media accounts : Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. 

Work on your SEO

It’s not a secret, SEO is very important if you want to drive free organic traffic to your blog, but I know, it’s not easy to understand and implement. I’m currently learning about it and hope be able to share with you my experience and feeling soon. Anyway, blogging seriously requires to pay attention to your keywords and SEO, here’re some tools and resources to get started: 

If I have ONE SEO resource to recommend if would be this one. Neil Patel offer many free resources, videos and courses on SEO for beginner and advanced bloggers. I started my course two weeks ago and believe me I learned a lot and the results are already visible, driving more and more traffic from search engine (mainly Google) 

Go follow them on YouTube and start learning! 

It’s a browser add-on for keyword research very helpful to find the best keyword to rank for. To install on Chrome or FireFox and will give you : the monthly search volume, a cost per click if you want to run a google paid campaign and the Adwords competition for this specific keyword. 

I hope these suggestions will help you your daily blogging mission. Let me know which one you are currently using and if you have other suggestions, please share with us in comment 😉 


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