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6 things to do at the beginning of the month to be more productive and organized

Productivity and organization are two things I’m obsessed about, I constantly learn new methods and try new strategies to put myself in the best environment to stay productive and get things done when I need. 

I like beginning and end of month because it allows me to review my accomplishments and start a new fresh page with new goals, full of determination and motivation. 

Today, I want to share with you my personal organization and things I do at the beginning of each month to be organized and maximise my productivity. 

1. Set your monthly goals and plan ahead

This’s the N°1 to do if you want to have a productive month, you have decide in advance what you want to achieve this month and how. Planning your month ahead is essential, set your goals and define your detailed action plan and stick to it!

To be more efficient, try to review your previous month (I do this at the end of the month) and understand what worked well for you, what did you enjoyed doing and what you need to improve. And then plan your month based on these insights to always do better than before. 

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2. Budget your month 

At the beginning of each month, write down all your known expenses, and bills you have to pay this month for grocery, mortgage/rent, for activities, for shopping, taxes, car expenses, I also write all what I need to purchase for the house and other stuff. 

And then decide about your saving amount, try to save money every month, even small amount this is always good to take. 

Keep this into a budget planner, or an excel file, there’re multiple ways to budget and the purpose is the same: keep your expenses in track and know exactly where your money is going 😉 

3. Clear out your house and declutter

Your productivity is also related to the environment you create for yourself and your family, I personally feel like renewed when my house is clean and everything is in place! 

Clear your closet and declutter using Marie condo Method, so it’s easy to see which cloths you love to wear and then donate cloths you don’t ever wear to associations that help homeless, you can also sell them through multiple online platforms. 

Plan your meal for the month or the coming weeks 

Clear your fridge to check what do you need to purchase for your meal prep. 

I personally clear and organize my fridge every Sunday, it takes only 15 minutes to do as we’re just 2 people at home, but if you are a big family or a busy personal, it’s ok to do it once a month 

5. Schedule your appointments for the month

Make sure you schedule all your appointment for the month, if possible. Wether they are professional or personal like your hair appointment, beauty salon, bloc your doctor appointment – in Paris we have to take our appointment several months in advance if you want to go to a specialist doctor : gynecologue, dentist and co! 

Put also every important date you want to remember for the month for instance birthdays, events, kids activities, dinners, family days,… 

Then make sure you write them into your planner or phone calendar to be noticed when it comes 

Do all of this at the beginning of your month to feel super organised and productive the rest of the month 

Productivity tips

5. Bloc time for yourself

Often as a woman we forget to take time for ourselves, we always take care of others, of children, of the house and we don’t find time for self-care and things that we love. This’s a wrong way of living! 

Taking time for yourself helps a lot your productivity, as a woman you need to recharge and take care of your mental health. Plan some dinners with your friends, shopping sessions or other activities you enjoy, if you’re a mom, schedule time without your kids, go for a massage, a hair cut or a beauty care.

6. Choose your book list for the month

Final thing to do, if you’re a book lover like me is to create your book list for the month, 2 or 4 new books to read during the month. 

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Reading a physical is one of my favorite activities for evening and weekends, I sometimes listen to digital books, but still loyal to the old paper book. 

Wether you choose business books, personal growth or a novel, reading a book is very helpful for mental health and to reconnect from digital world and social media especially before going bed. 

What about you? what’re your favorite things to do at the beginning of the month to stay organized and productive? Share with us in comment 


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