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52 Blog Post Ideas for a year’s worth of content

It’s 2021!!! New year, new plans for your blog! 

Are you looking to plan your blog posts topics for the whole year, but you stuck to find ideas that answer well your audience needs and fit with your niche? Keep reading, this article will give you good inspirations 😉 

But 1st, Clarify your content strategy

Before you start creating your content calendar and choosing your topics for the whole year, make sure your strategy is clear, why do you want to create content? What’s your purpose, educate, informe, help your audience, sell products,…ect your content should serve your strategy. 

On top of this, it’s important to define the main areas you’d like to focus on, what is your audience expecting from your blog and always write valuable content to help, educate and inspire your readers and push them to come back to your blog every time you post a new content. 

I’m sure you have a lot of ideas in your mind, take time to brainstorm and write them down in your agenda/Excel sheet, then make a selection of your favorite/valuable topics you’d like to share with your reader. Create your content calendar based on this and you’re done for the whole year 😉 

52 Blog Post Ideas

Tips and tricks about your business & niche :

1. Share with your audience how you started your business

2. How to start a money making blog ? 

3. X tips to grow on Social Media, YouTube Channel,… – Go read my tips to explode your Pinterest traffic 

4. X things to avoid/to stop doing in your business 

5. Tips for beginners : depending on your niche : diet, fitness, coaching, traveling, photography,…

6. How you went from beginner to expert in your business? 

7. Tips that finally didn’t work for your business and why

8. Give hacks in your niche : Pinterest hacks, Instagram, manually custom something, do DIY,.. – just make sure the topics is related to your niche.

9. Things that you would like to know before you start your business

10. How to plan your business month, your year? You can also share your monthly goals, or monthly results (I love read the monthly reports incomes)

11. Blogging dos and don’ts 

Lists of…

12. Best bloggers in your niche to follow

13. List of website/ideas to help in a specific topic – check out this example about 60 ways to make extra money 

14. Bucket lists, this’s so popular and people love them

15. Create a checklist that your audience should follow to get good results for important topics you master. 

16. Help your ideal customer with a list of best resources to use in their business/niche – Read this post 30 blogging Tools 

17. Make an FAQ post to answer some of your social media followers questions 

18. List of your favorite movie (for winter, for Christmas,…) 

19. List of x things you’re grateful for 

20. List your favorite desk accessories for home office 

Reviews :

21. Review books that you’ve read and loved – here’re mine 

22. Review softwares that you use for your business and could help your targe customer in the same struggle 

23. Review products that you received from brands, make sure you always mention that the post is sponsored (disclosure) 

24. Comparaison between different items/tools to help your reader choose if they are the same situation, give them pros & cons and share your honest own experience 

25. Best places to visit for a weekend, for Christmas, romantic places, 

26. Make a guide to… – make your own researches to deliver the best guide post you can. 

27. Review your favorite products of the month

28. Share your feedback about some habits you implemented recently : journaling, yoga,…

29. Try something new then write a blog post about it, in depth 

Your personal life & habits :

30. Your daily routines : Morning, Evening, that could help your audience to upgrade their daily life, share your own experience and how theses routines helped you feel better. – Read my Morning routine & My evening routine 

31. Share your personal trips, travel experiences to inspire and give ideas to your readers 

32. How to loos weight with healthy methods ?

33. How to relax after a busy week or a work day

34. Give some recipes for a healthy food – check out my 10 healthy breakfast recipes 

35. Share your fitness/workout routine and give some personal tips 

36. Share your best financial tips to save money 

37. Habits that made you a successful person/ that positively changed your life 

38. Your first time at a wonderful or popular place and give your feedback

39. Share some important life lessons you’ve learned

40. What do you like about yourself? 

Lifestyle Topics :

41. Wishlist : could be outfits, gifts ideas, decoration, books 

42. Your birthday event, something personal you want to share with your readers, this’s always appreciated and make you more closer to your audience 

43. How to pack for a weekend ?

44. Make tutoriels, if you love makeup, DIY, customisation, 

45. Things that your audience don’t know about you 

46. Share your favorite inspirational quotes in different topics

47. Your outfit of the day 

48. Podcasts that you love listen to regularly 

49. 25 things to do before 25

50. Your 10 favorite items 

51. Interview someone you love

52. Things to stop buying 

I hope you found this list helpful and gives you some ideas for your blogging content, Cher your feeling in comments and some of your ideas to benefit all others from your valuable help. 

Blog post ideas


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