Productive Morning Routine

My Morning Routine: Healthy and Productive Habits

Have you ever read the famous book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod before? Or other books that promise to be productive if you start you day earlier than usual? You know this kind of motivational books that teach you how to break your old habits and better start your day just by waking up ONE hour earlier. Of course, I decided to follow some tips and set up my own morning routine. If these habits work well for successful people, so why not for me?

To make it easily happen, I have decided to wake up at the same hour every morning, at 6AM, I think it’s the right time for me. I don’t even need to do like the Youtubers and start my day at 4AM!!! Like that, it wouldn’t be difficult to set up this routine. To be honest with you, I didn’t believe in the miracle benefits of this routine, but as I started to see the results, it motivated me and really become a natural habit, I no longer need to set my alarm to wake up.

Maybe, you’re asking “Why should you create your morning routine”? Let’s check this together!!

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Why should you create your morning routine ?

“Remember, the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life I the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life” Hal Elrod, Miracle Morning.

Starting a morning routine will help you to:

  • Improve your physical health
  • Became a productive person
  • Became a better problem-solver, by making plans and learning to prioritize
  • Feel fulfilled in mind, body and spirit
  • Became a confident person, with good affirmations you repeat every morning : “I like myself”

What my morning routine looks like ?

Today, I want to talk about this realistic morning routine, very helpful to get things done and be productive when I have a big to do list for the day. I do it every day, but when I feel need some more sleeping hours I prefer listen to my body and sleep until 8AM, or more I admit!!!

1. Drink water

The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a cup of water. After 8 hours of sleep, my body needs to be hydrate to get my metabolism going and get refreshing in the morning. I usually drink lemon warm water, otherwise, drink a clear water, it is even benefic for your body. It is recommended to drink about 90 ounces for a women (about 2 700 ml) every day.

2. Make my bed

“If you wanna change the world, start off by making your bed”, said William McRaven, US Navy Admiral.

As soon as I jump up out of my comforter, I love make my bed and make my room looks so clean. I know you are maybe wondering: “Oh it’s just going to get unmade again tonight”. The change start by the little things, if you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It’s important to put yourself in a clean and clear environment to start this amazing productive day you are looking for.

3. Journaling

As many people, I found myself start every morning by checking my phone and scrolling on social media! To break this bad habit, I started the journaling like new habits. To be honest with you, I also never believed in the benefits of this habit. However, since I started to do it every day and be consistent with it, I swear it changed my life; it makes me feel better and more committed to everything I decided to do in my day.

I start by writing the think that I am grateful for; whatever is my family, good health, this sunny day,..etc

After that, I write my to-do-list of the day, I try to put things from my head to the paper and priotize the tasks depending on what is important and urgent for me. It is important for me to start my morning by organizing my day. I put all the stuff I have to do, even professional or personal like going to the gym or doing my prep meal for the week.

Productive morning routine

4. Workout exercise

Doing some exercise before to start the day is very important; I wear my workout outfit, bring my bottle of water and of course my phone for the music playlist ;). I go to the gym – it is at 1km from my house-. I work for about 30 minutes doing first cardio – I love the (Tapis de sport and velo); then I switch to some triceps kickbacks or abs depending on what I want to work out this day, just make sure to stretch before and after your session. I try to be consistent with the workout; I have a rhythm of 4 times a week. Sometimes I do it directly from home, with online videos, especially when I want to do Yoga. (Let me know if you want to discover what is like my workout from home. 

5. Do my morning Body-Care

It is time to get into my morning body-care routine, – I already brushed my teeth before going to the gym. First, I take my shower; I wash my body every day but my hair only three times a week, (I can share with you the products I use in another post). Then, I start my skin-care; I use serum and moisturizer every day and then I put some makeup. It changes some days depending on my program but I keep it simple and fast!

Let me know if you want a post about my skin-care routine 😉  

6. Take my healthy breakfast

As I say all the time, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I take a satisfying healthy breakfast – I love this moment before to start my workday. I usually take a dairy, milk or yogurt, fresh juice or smoothie and a toast. Some morning are less busy than others, so I take time to prepare vegan pancakes or blueberry cookies, so delicious! Check my recipes here!

I am now ready to start my workday, without feeling overwhelmed!

Remember that you morning routine should be flexible and easy to refresh. Do the things that you love and make you happy, do not just copy others morning rituals.

What about your morning habits? Share with me in comments


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